Passion, Creativity and Diversity

Creating an environment in which all young pupil are content, secure, confident and valued.


Encouraging the development in each young person of spiritual, moral values, cultural, self-discipline, responsibility, respect for others and their environment.


Nurturing a positive relationship with young people, parents, guardians, carers, multi-agencies, staffs, young people and the wider community.


Supporting and developing enthusiastic, dedicated staffs and young people who feel committed to the School.

Mission Statement

The R.Y.A.N. Education Academy actively promotes positive interpersonal relations between all its pupils’ and staff members to encourage the development of effective communication skills and positive self-expression. It is our mission to create a ‘warm’ welcoming and secure learning environment and one that is conducive to the educational development of the pupil. We endeavour to build on a foundation of love and respect for one another so that each pupil can build on their confidence, self-esteem; achieve their academic potential, thus approach the future with great enthusiasm and determination. We endorse the concept that perseverance is the key to success.


“[Students] respond positively to the high expectations set by the staff and they take part willingly in the variety of learning activities …”

“Students develop a good understanding of their own and others cultures. Recent work on major world religions has enabled students in this multi-cultural community, to develop respect and tolerance for different beliefs and lifestyles …Pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are good.

The staff have developed excellent relationships with students’ parents and carers and demonstrate diligence and perseverance in ensuring that all students benefit fully from the opportunities provided.”

“Ofsted 2014 – GOOD”


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